god bless u based james franco


its brenda/toddhaberkorn i remade my url is still… toddhaberkorn i forgot to set up a queue so i will now i guess yeaH here’s my new blog

here’s my new blog

i’ll get to following almost 300 of you again tonight and tomorrow yes

i think i’m going to remake

i don’t really feel comfortable here much anymore but that’s probably only because i’m scared of the people who i mutually follow since i don’t even know if they still even wanna follow me


yeah i’ll post a link once i get all of this done 

im really excited for halloween this year because it’s halloween!!!
except that itll probably be like last year and i’ll end up sitting in my room in my costume playing animal crossing while crying but im gonna be a bucket head this year so at least ill be crying with a bucket on my head

i always feel out of place whenever my url isn’t toddhaberkorn it’s like something that is a part of me i need that toddhaberkorn url
i am that toddhaberkorn url


By 「cm」

god bless u based james franco